The Strip: I know it wont mean much for Apple right now, but it definitely feels like the “End of an Era.” All it takes is one man. One Legend. One God. Too far?

Gaming: I played the Catherine demo, though I use the term “play” loosely. There was a section that closely resembled a game. Yo have to climb and arrange all these boxes in the right order o get to the top before the grim reaper (I think) kills your half nude goat guy. The rest of the demo is an awkward relationship sim, or thats the best I could gather before I passed out from boredom and smacked my head on the hardwood floor.

I also tried out Warhammer: Space Marines. I loved this demo. It felt real nice, but I will wait to go into more detail when I post a comic about it this week.

TV/Movies: True Blood tonight. It’ll be a truly bloody good time, har har lol har …sniff, ahem. Anyway, I also attempted to watch Nine with Daniel Day Lewis. There is this part, that Fergie does this stuff…Like not in a good way. I reminded me a bit of a drunk aunt trying to be sexy. Sad and disturbing. Needless to say, I stopped watching.

Music: I had the fortune of hearing a little bit of my little brother or NiCad “spin” some, we will call them “tunes”, last night. When he sets out to compile a “set” it seems he is bent on taking everyone on a bass driven, hard hitting ride through a dystopian hellscape. I of course mean this as a huge compliment, as this is his goal, and he does it well. If you are in the market for a DJ that will play the roughest D&B or Rage step…or (I really don’t know the correct genre labels, but ¬†imagine cutting edge fighter jets battling giant mechanized spiders, and you have a pretty good idea), then I suggest you contact with him. His link is in the side bar. While your there check out his original tunes, you will be better for it.

Life: It seems allergies have come back for a second round of combat. It seems to be winning and I have lost contact with the reinforcements, and I am running low on food and ammo. God help us, god help us all. Also I heard there is a hurricane or something?

Have a “great” Monday (fuck you monday)