Ah…yep, that makes sense. Poor Ganon.

Legacy Control Is “Going Pro!”

The day has finally come. As of this week, I will no longer be “traditionally employed”…or have a job at all for that matter. My current place of employment and myself have amicably agreed to part ways. They have been nothing but graceful through this process and I can’t thank them enough. I think we all knew that this wasn’t the job for me.

“What does this mean'” you may ask…well it means that as of Monday, I’m a full time comic creator. I am fulfilling a dream, as many of you know, that I have been working towards since I was old enough to hold a pencil. It means I am going to be living the exact life that I have always imagined. Scary…I know.

I know I have all of your support and I can’t thank you enough. My loyal family and friends have made me believe this is possible; that I can do the unthinkable, become a self published comic artist and scratch out a living doing so. Seriously, words can’t thank you all enough. With that said, I may call on you in the coming months to spread the word about Legacy Control, support a Kickstarter for my first book, lend your votes for some upcoming contests, and perhaps throw some money my way for some totally awesome upcoming t-shirts! If not, that’s totally cool as well, I just hope I can keep improving my art, and possibly make you chuckle at my inappropriate humor.

Thanks again for all your loyalty and support. There is so many new, fun and exciting things coming to Legacy Control in the near future.

Javis Ray