The strip: I would like to do Halloween themed comic year round. I love Halloween a whole lot, you see. This didn’t actually happen but very likely could have: You know that disorder where you have to carve dicks into things? … I think he has that. That is a real disorder. I once saw a squirrel with, what appeared to be, a cock shorn into its flank. I Cant be sure, but I smell NiCad all over that one.

Gaming. Jumped on and played some Black Ops Zombies with some buds. I wanted to try out the new mule kick perk. We never got far enough along to try it out. Black Ops zombies have lost a bit of their luster for me in the shadow of Dead Island. Speaking of which, I played after my friends and I tired of BO:Zombies. Still so addicted. Going to be hard to walk away when BF3 arrives come this Tuesday morning… but I will.

Music: Mumford and Sons, Bastion Soundtrack, The Paper Chase, and Halloween station of Pandora are all that fill me ears over the weekend.

TV/Movies: Watched some Captain America and some Walking dead. Both great…I would write more but this blog post is totally tiring me out…

Life: Commenting trolls have put a damper on my evening. I must keep viewing their attacks, I will soon develop a hardened crust and will be impervious to their feeble assault… I hope.

Monday, you’re fucking obnoxious.