The Strip: Ok, I did try to play, and actually got to play one point five rounds of the thing. It seemed like it will be good though it’s a great departure form Call of Duty, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Once I made the horrible mistake of trying to play with a buddy on my friends list, I was locked out for like twenty minutes and gave up. Then this strip was born. It just seems like EA has enough money to make sure things like this don’t happen. I dunno, I’m sick and might be overly complainy. I threw a curveball in there with the Obama thing at the end, huh?

Gaming: The BF3 demo, or beta or whatever it is, albeit briefly. I also got into some more Dead Island co-op with the boys. Good fun.

TV/Movies and Music: Nothing to report, I am sorry.

Life: I’m sick okay? All of us at the Legacy Control compound are. Going tomorrow to get some meds for said illness.