Yes, I am one of these people. I can’t just puke if I don’t feel well. I fight, and fight and also fight some more. The last time I puked was around 3 years ago from over exertion when doing an MMA workout I saw online (I was able to complete said workout). This, “not puking” situation arose the other day. I was supposed to meet my pals, Saeed and Brandon of Frumps and Twxxd fame, online for some friendly chats and lo and behold…I felt terrible. I didn’t puke, though I was deep in the throws of battle. My mouth was salivation wildly and I was sweating heavily, in addition to the imposing nausea. I had to pass on the meet up and didn’t feel better for many hours. I wish I could just get it over with but my pukes generally do my body real damage. I puke with my entire being. I always have broken blood vessels in my face and have a pulled abdomen muscle. So you’ll forgive me if I can’t just “get it over with.”

Enjoy your lunch!