I’m prepared for whats coming to me…

But first, if I may, let me explain my side. Let me first say, I’m not a “MS fanboy.” Far from it. My love affair with gaming was at it’s peak with the PS2. I lord that machine deeply. I also oft lament the fact that I wasn’t able to afford the PS3 and subsequently missed out on some of, if not THE best games of this generation (I’m looking at you Uncharted.)

The largest point of contention between the two systems seems to be “ownership” of your games. Lets pretend for a moment that all media isn’t going to end up digital only (admit to yourself, it will) and that you want “ownership” of your game because you are a collector. If this is the scenario, I fully understand why you want the Ps4 over the Xbox One. If your problem with “ownership” is that you can’t lend the game to your friend (which, in reality, I feel this doesn’t happen often enough to drive the industry towards retaining physical disks), I can also see how this would bum you out. If your issue with “ownership” of games relates to being able to trade in your old or unwanted games, I also understand wanting to save a few bucks on the next title you purchase (which we all know, is the maximum you will actually save), I guess I still understand that. What I don’t understand it why that is the deciding factor for your system choice.

The second biggest issue seems to be the price point. With the Playstation 4 coming in at a hundred dollars less than the Xbox One, I can see how that is a huge factor for a lot of people. The reason, Xbox One costs a hundred dollars more, is because of the Kinect. I like the Kinect, I think what it can do is really cool and I think it can and will be an interesting supplement to games. So I’m willing to pay the “extra” hundred to get that technology.

The third and what SHOULD be the most important deciding factor is the exclusive games. Again, they both have amazing looking titles and I hope to eventual have both systems. I, however, am more excited by Xbox One’s offerings. I am a huge Respawn fan and Titanfall gets me hot and bothered (to be true, its a system seller for me.) Also, Sunset Overdrive and Dead Rising 3 blew my mind. SO MANY ZOMBIES! These titles combined with Microsofts proven track record with their online service, it’s the system for me.

What I DO NOT like about the Xbox One is the 24 hour online check-in. Now, this will likely never be an issue for me as I do not play the system without being online anyway but the idea that I can’t play the games with out the internet is one I am not comfortable with. I understand that this is the way that MS can ensure hacking is as minimized but just making you check-in to authenticate the game for it’s initial download seems like the better choice. Though, as I said, this isn’t a deal breaker.

So judge me if you will. But remember, there is no console war, the real enemy is beyond the wall.