Furry Transmitted Disease is no joke people. Wrap it up, every time.

I am going to try to condense my ConBravo adventure, as it could be written as a full length epic. As it turns out, I didn’t quite understand the gravity of being honest with the Canadian border guards, regarding my declaring what I had with me and what I intended to do with it. When I told them that I hd comic prints and I intended to sell them, they had large scary border guard men, berate me then hurled me across the border.

Once back in the states, I drove around the frightening city of Detroit to try and figure out if I could store my prints or send them across via FedEx (which I ended up doing). This endeavor added approximately $240 to the over all cost of the trip. I then safely and quickly crossed back over into Canada, after having to repay the toll for the second time in an hour.

Fast forward to the convention. After arriving at the Con of Saturday, Saeed, Brandon, Colin and I quickly realize that the demographic of this con doesn’t’ necessarily “jive” with our strips. That is to say, we didn’t sell much. This was disheartening but it was all good as I was hanging with my buds.

Later that night, after a less than stellar first day at the con, I get a, somewhat, frantic call from my wife. My son, who has severe allergies needs and Epi-pen shot and has to go to the emergency room. I am around 7 hours away and feel totally helpless. I then decided it was a good idea just to bail out on the last day of the con and go home to my family.

I have left out a great deal of the funny, traumatic and seemly conspiring events that happened throughout the trip. I will way it was all very much worth it to finally meet Brandon and Colin of TWXXD, Saeed of The Frumps and Andrew of IAMARG. In this regard the trip was an overwhelming success.

Happy Monday!