I can do nothing but apologize deeply for this comic. I was in a mood today. I was looking up info on the Wii 2 and started getting a bit annoyed. I, at one time, was deeply in love with Nintendo. This was around the Golden Eye age of the N64. The Wii was a great disappointment to. I feel like its marginal potential was squandered. They will a harsh incline to ascend to recapture their audience this time around.
I was one of those kids who did not own the NES or Super Nes. I was a Sega kid. My first system was the Master System, then the Genesis. I believe my parents ill-fated decision to come down on the side of Sega, left a gaping crater in my gaming pedigree. I missed so many classics.
This strip does speak to a deep desire shared by all gamers (men in general really. Even if they wont or cant admit it. Strange Days, The Matrix, The Holodeck, these imaginings are all directly descendants of one common thread. We basically want to fuck things, we want these things to feel as real as possible and we do not want any consequences. As soon as someone makes this happen, even on some rudimentary level, they will likely rule the planet.
Notch says that the map update will be released this week, and we have the added surprise of getting Hatches as well. I am amped to see how these work. I am imagining a creeper lured towards me, its dead eyes anticipating its prize, just to be immolated in a lava pit, or flayed on some cacti as my trap door operates flawlessly. Also this will hinder those damn zombies from climbing certain ladders to attack me whilst I slumber. As soon as the update is released I am planning a long expedition to secure new mining lands and acquire untold treasures.