If you follow me on Twitter it almost a guarantee that I am going to tweet a pic of me getting out of a car without my panties on. Just saying.

The Comic: As I mentioned in my behemoth of a blog post on Friday’s strip, i was pleasantly surprised by a great majority of the “Both Babes” at PAX. They seemed to be legitimately knowledgable about the game the were..um booth babying for, and games in general. They weren’t bubbly decoration, they were bad ass gamer girls. It was awesome.

Gaming: I have put a little more time into Shoot Many Robots, and it has been fun but I really need some people to play with.I forgot to mention that I played quite a bit of MVC3 and Street Fighter X Tekken while at PAX. That is to say I had my ass handed to my by Chris and DaveO all night long. I plan to download Fez tonight.

TV/Movies: We watched The Last Air Bender and The Sitter. I can’t recommend either. Tonight of course is GoT and my stomach hurts with excitement…or I may just have to go number 2.

Life: Settling in to life, or LAP as I call it (Life After PAX). I am still feeling a sense of depression from not being around so many like-minded people and I deeply miss not feeling like a freak. Well, next year I think I may have to go again, life permitting.

Thanks for stopping by all,