If you follow me on Twitter I swear to the heavens…I am tweeting just for you…and only you.

Ah…so thats what happened to the Unicorns. I can only imagine what the crew had to do to get rid of those pesky Velociraptors.

I have had five days in a row off and got nothing extra accomplished. One of the days being the 4th of July and watching the kids for two of those days has a great deal to do with that fact.

I also went to a prerelease party/tournament thing for the Magic 2013 core set that comes out Friday. I played at a great little gaming shop near me called Yotta Quest. You should definitely check it out. I played well but eventually got destroyed by one of the lovely ladies I had the pleasure of competing with (Thanks to Kate, Allison and Julie for the great games and teaching me a lot.)

From the few cards I’ve seen on the iPad version of Magic and the cards that I got at the prerelease I am very excited to get the booster box and fat-pack come Friday afternoon. I will keep you posted upon the opening of my packs…I am sure you are on the edge of your seat.

Monday’s suck. That is all.