I have always been socially awkward, and I have always been of less than imposing stature, so things like this did happen. It left scars my friends. In my adult life I have taken “steps” to erase said scars. Lets just say, I am no longer that Aggro.

Google plus, cool kids club eh, though we all know the “cool kid”s did not make this club. The irony is so deep that I cant even see the bottom of this bitch. I even have a maxed out video card, and all the settings cranked up but I still got jaggies and mountains building (too obscure?). The Google + invitation thang has been remedied by a one Miss @laurenxgray. I am in your debt. Now that I am in the club..I gotta say, I am not all that in to it. I am not a big fan of the interface so far. I will give a chance though as being a slave of the interwebs, I of course have no choice.

Gaming news: Breaking story, I played Minecraft! Yep, still addicted, and biting my nails for the Adventure Update…just cant wait to slaughter my first NPC village (shut up, you know you will too). I tried the demo for Magic the Gathering on xobx live arcade. I liked it, and as a former MTG card game junkie, I am frightened to get back in to it. Of course playing MTG has its benefits. I mean the chicks love it, its great for your abs, and it looks stellar on your resumé, but as far as negatives..it is a money vacuum. Not only do you actually require the new card sets when they come out, you fucking NEEEED them. Even as I type my eyes flick reflexly to my hibernating console, and I am not sure if my wife is playing a joke on me but I swear I keep hearing someone saying “must play Magic”. I am pretty sure I am going to do a strip about it, perhaps Fridays.

Out for now, thanks.