Hey all, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter because I’ve been tweeting’ like crazy and I’ll be drinking to night so who knows…

I did little more than this in my last year of college as I was stricken with mono. Not my proudest of years, though nights spent in my room, self medicating, watching movies and gaming hold a fond place in my heart. This year, two thousand and thirteen will be remembered fondly as well. It has been my first full year as a stay at home dad and full time webcomic artist. It has been a learning experience for sure. I learned, somehow, I had much more time when I worked a full time job. I equate that to my kids always needing things, like to be fed or have foreign objects removed from their respective noses…kids right?

As for the coming year, I have a lot of things that I want to get accomplished as far as Legacy Control. I have hinted at or out right said that I will be getting my first book out, get a shop going, attend more conventions, offer commissions, start a video blog and start a second strip. I hope, though it may be optimistic, to accomplish all these this year. With all the help and support I get, I think I can do it. Speaking of “help and support” I need to give some thanks:

Brian Diefenbach (@Briefenbach)- Thanks for all your hard work on Control Freaks and pushing me to be better.

Tyler Johnson (@TyLegacyControl)- Can’t thank you enough for all the amazing articles you’ve written and all the support you’ve given.

Kevin Diefenbach (@Wrecklaimer) -Your web mastering skills have given me the confidence and freedom to focus on my strip. You do great work.

Brandon and Colin Oliver – You guys are my original webcomic pals and without you guys I couldn’t get through this:)

Saeed Faridzadeh – You and I are a lot alike and our open and, sometimes heated, exchanges about all things comic related keep me on track so thanks man!

My Friends and Family – You know who you all are and I have never felt anything but support and pride in my webcomic endeavors and your support gave me the confidence to try.

All the Fans – With out you all I literally wouldn’t and couldn’t keep doing this. There really isn’t a way to properly express my gratitude, so just know I try very very hard to get better and better to make a better comic for you all.

And Finally, I must say thanks to my amazing wife, Theresa – I love you so hard that it causes me physical pain sometimes. You work your ass off and make this dream of mine a reality. You saved my life. Thank you most of all.

And so with that heaping helping of mush, I bid you all adieu until next year where bigger and better things await.

Be safe and happy new year!