The Strip: This is another strip I feel compelled to apologize for…so I’m sorry. My wif was grossed out by it…and seemed pretty offended. So..mission accomplished I guess.

Gaming: I have been playing a bit more MW3. It’s starting to dig in deep, and I must break the cycle by getting back to Skyrim. I have to fight the urge to go out and buy the new Rayman game…I want it so so badly. As an early Christmas gift, I got a new xbox, and will soon have in my possession and Kinect. Which of course means I also have Dance Central 2. To upload a video of my playing or not, that is the question.

Music: I sat for about 20 minutes today letting my son listen to the newest Beastie Boy album…he liked it., he liked it a lot. He couldnt stop nodding his head.

TV/Movies: Walking Dead…HOLY SHIT! The “mid-season” finally didn’t disappoint. WOW! Just wow.

Life: I have done some hard thinking over this long weekend..and I have come out for the better. I know I must step up my game and be a better man. This will of course trickle down to a better comic, but that isn’t my focus of being a better man…my focus is being a better husband, father and human. So I am going to see a doctor about getting on some anxiety/depression medication. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for another great week last week, I love you all.