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Oh Haedrig, I think you were a little too okay with you wife needing to be dispatched.

So, I still haven’t got a ton of time in on Diablo III. About 3 or 4 hours total, but I have loved every loot dropping moment of it. I love the dark rich art the game lavishes on my eyeholes.

Now I am new to the Diablo control scheme, Diablo in general as I haven’t played any of the others. It just feels like WASD would’ve been just fine as the default control style. Does the mouse control scheme reveal itself later in the game to be better suited for the play style?

The user interface and the little details on the HUD blow me away. The time and effort put into these secondary and tertiary aspects of the game really set Diablo III apart. This may have been true in the games other iterations, but again..I’m not privy.

I received some of the cards I ordered of off Amazon to bolster my Werewolf deck, and I lost my first match with said bolstered deck. It didn’t hurt too bad as I got mana screwed and lost against my own deck. I may get a chance to redeem myself tonight.

I have a fun weekend ahead of me. The wife and I get a night to ourselves on Friday as the kids are having a sleep over at the parents house, then we are spending the balance of the weekend at The Great Wolf lodge. I’ve never been, but I am hoping I will not be bored to tears.

Friday cometh!