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This comic is based entirely on a real event. My wife and I, before going out to our friend Savanna’s rocking Halloween party this Saturday, stopped for a bite to eat. My wife walked into the eatery first and I kindly held the door for some elderly folks coming out. When I got in, the first thing I saw was my wife giving me a look like I had accidentally washed her favorite sweater again (for the record, this is not a “good or positive” look). I said “whaaa…” and before I finished I saw all the waitresses dressed in close to nothing and finished with “oh…”. The third panel is an accurate depiction of some of the outfits.

It was an erotically charged dinner as waitresses often have to bend over to clean things and pick things up (and it would seem let their boobies almost pop out.) There was no refuge for my eyes. I eventually gave up and just stared down at the table. Now, I would also like to make clear that there were children in this restaurant… getting the same show I was getting. One of the lovely young ladies (the pirate to be exact) would bend over and my wife and I could see her underwear and butt cheeks. Now, I do enjoy the female form…probably more than anything else in this world, but at a certain point..someone should say…”Maybe put on some tights..”

I sincerely do love Halloween for this reason. Every day things are out the window. This is the only time of year that girls can dress like sluts, bloody corpses are considered appropriate yard decorations, candy can be had with every meal…and it’s totally fine.

Happy Monday.