I still haven’t watched The Avengers or the Dark Knight Rises. So feel free to follow Legacy Control on Twitter and mock me.

Yes…I know the whole thing about the parsec. You can’t really blame him though. I am not sure I could last even a few nano-parsecs.

I have totally re-fallen in love with True Blood this season. It has a good mix of drama humor and bad assery. It could have a lot to do with a particular vampire who is AMAZING ( no spoilers from me.)

I have been introduced to an amazing local band called Foxy Shazam. I am a big fan of Queen and this lads firing on all cylinders is more than reminiscent. I suggest checking them out.

I played a bit of the Tony Hawk PS HD demo and was immediately transported back to my parents basement (i’m still not sure if this was a good or bad thing). My son was mesmerized so I will likely be picking this one up. I am also a little more excited than I should be about the upcoming kinect title Wreckateer. Its a first person angry birds essential. You control the projectiles with your body. I think the kids will go ape shit for it.

Wednesday…you so sexy.