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The Strip: So my wife FINALLY got an iPhone. She did intact ban me from playing Hero Academy. I was pretty addicted, but to be fair, I was playing Game Dev Story in between turns, so I rarely looked up from my phone. This particular scenarioo hasn’t unfolded yet, but i feel it coming. There is a world of iOS games out there and she WILL fall prey to one of them.

Gaming: Speaking of iOS gaming, I purchased Angry Birds Space, and Draw something as per the urging from my man Chris Bergman. I will do my very best not to get anther ban handed down by the commissioner.

Listening: Fun, GoT audio Book, and the CAGcast.

TV/Movies: Sunday night and no Walking Dead…it feels strange. I loved the last episode of the season, even though a lot of the stuff the group did was flat out stupid. I don’t really know why the last episode affected me so, but I have been dreaming of zombies every night since.

Life: I recorded my first test podcast with Chris this Friday, and it will be available for you’ll to listen to shortly. I think it went really well. We need to find a less echoey room to record it, but other than that it will most likely be the best video game podcast that mankind has ever heard. This may or may not be an exaggeration.