Ah the trials of being a super hero without a comprehension on how powerful you are. I’d take those trials, thank you very much.

I have been splitting my time between Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and State of Decay the last couple of days. I love both. CoJ: Gunslinger is just tons of good old fashioned arcade shooting. It’s a pretty straight forward FPS set in the wild west with all the major players from the era (WIld Bill, Billy the Kid, etc). The narration is similar to Bastion and there is a “Concentration” meter for slowing down time and highlighting your enemies. I highly suggest picking this one up if you want to have a blast.

State of Decay‚Ķthis is a harder nut to crack. I really can’t tell if I love it or hate it. I am a die hard zombie fan so I am biased but is seems pretty uninspired. Imagine a lesser version of an old GTA title with zombies. They tried to add a unique community mechanic, which , in theory, seems like an interesting idea. In practice however, it becomes a constant supply of what turns out to be fetch missions. You have to coddle others in your community when they get sad or angry. You have a health and stamina meter which dwindle making combat annoying unless you have a gun, then you reach a point where your meters can no longer be fully replenished and you have to rest, which means trading off with another one of the people in your survival group. This is probably the most interesting mechanic in the game. You don’t play as one character, you play as the community, though as I mentioned above, it doesn’t quite pan out. All this said, I think about the game constantly and wish I were playing right now. I will give it some more time and see if it gets better but for now I would say, if you’re just a casual zombie lover, skip State of Decay.

Happy Friday,