The strip: A good buddy of mine is going through the horrid process of buying his first home. It is unpleasant for the most part. Well, I think he said that they did actually detect Radon gas in a house he is interested in, and so my mind went to my old friend Lord Raiden. Thus hilarity is born. Sort of. I like the lightening in frame three.

Gaming: Tried the Body Count demo. I suggest that you go ahead and skip that. Unless you are into clunky mediocre first person shooters. Then you will friggin love this thing. I also have Space Marine and Catherine demo’s downloaded. I plan to try them out over the weekend.

Music: Listen to Jonathan Coulton almost all day at work. Loving the new album. I love Octopus and Blue Summer Day. I think I got those names right.

TV/Movies: Kung Fu Panda 2 yesterday. If I had never seen the first I would have though tit was great, but just kind of missed the mark overall. I am embarrassed to say I watched Jersey Shore with my wife tonight. I should say I was duped into watching Jersey Shore tonight with my wife. Lured in by the intoxicating prospect of “The Situation” getting knocked the fuck out by Ronnie. Well, it didnt happen. They waited until the end of the episode, didnt show the fight and saved it for a special episode on Sunday. I, of course, learned my lesson, and will not be watching.

Life: Being a parent is challenging. Beautiful, fulfilling and rewarding, but intensely challenging.

Happy Friday friends.