My daughter had a visit from the easter bunny at her school, and she confided that she was frightened of him.

This comic was the result of my imaginings of a frightening bunny.

As a child I never really had any feeling one way o the other about the easter bunny, that is the ones that inhabit malls that are invariably excited by the prospect of children sitting on their laps. The Easter Bunny that existed in our homes, that was was manifested with care by my parents, couldnt have been more exciting.

When I tried to imagine this 8 foot tall fantasy creature magicing its way into our kitchen and leaving a, nay, orchestrating a feast of candy was utterly intoxicating.

I literally cried when I found out the Easter Bunny was not real. My mother had mistakenly tried to conceal the “goods” in plastic grocery bags that were a tad to transparent for our keen eyes. Our world came crashing down around us, and the world became a less appealing place.

I plan to keep this fact from my children for as long as possible.