The Strip: Yeah, yeah. I know there is some shit on the Wii, and I know Activision has an HD version of “reloaded” coming out, but that aint what i’m Sayin’. We want original Goldeneye 64, verbatim, in HD, on 360 and PS3…Its all we’ve ever wanted…get your shit together. I swear to god…if you lay a hand on Goldeneye…

Gaming: I have another outing planed to Arcade Legacy with a buddy of mine who just found out he is a father to be. A kind of “welcome to the club” outing. I will, of course, warn him, of the hellish nightmare that awaits him in just a few short months. I have been thinking of picking up Catherine, but I know its just because I want to masturbate to it, and I have the internets for that, so I will resist the temptation.

Moveis/TV: My wife and I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on this “comfortable” July night. It was…I will say good. This was my first 3d movie..and honestly I could have done with out. Don’t get me wrong, I am thoroughly impressed with the technology, as most of the movie I was having issues with my personal space. It felt like Voldemort was that drunk chick at the party who talks too close to your face. Except I wasn’t trying to get him to show me his tits. I just don’t think 3D is for me, tough I oft lament the fact that I did not see Avatar in 3D. Big hot blue aliens never hurt ┬ánobody, nohow.

Life: Nothing much to report on this front, just excited to see where the roller coaster of our rental property takes us. Oh wait, its right here in the pamphlet, its Fuckmyassville.