The strip: Its hot here. It is 9:00 at night as I write this, and the temperature outside is 90 degrees. This…isnt right. This is a “break” from the heat, as described by the weather liars. It shakes me to my core to know the all of outside wants me dead right now. Also, there IS a devil outside my window, and I left out the part about how he is masturbating and shooting his magma ejaculate all over my siding. I am not sure if we have demon skeet coverage. My point it…its hot.

Gaming: I plan on logging in to Minecraft immediately after the strip. I also plan to study some more Mortal Kombat 3 moves for my next trip to the arcade. I will be prepared. “Smoke Wins!”

Life: I watched the Penny Arcade panel from SDCC today. Terrible questions form the audience, but the fellas still cracked me up with every response. Ah yes, I don’t want to forget to tell you all…If you ever think about owning a (government subsidized) rental property…fucking don’t do it. You should heat a railroad spike up in a fire, and drive it into your pee hole instead. It will be less painful. Also, I would like to suggest to all scientist and doctors currently working on cures for the major diseases of the world…if you could shift your focus to an anti-PMS solution that would be outstanding. I hate this time of month, I feel like I am in Smaug’s lair trying to tip toe over his tail to get to the exit.