The Strip: I actually have that outfit in panel two. I thoroughly enjoyed my hundredth strip! It really does seem like yesterday that I spent 9 hours putting a ton of detail into Boner Alley in my first strip, only to realize it doesn’t even show up at the resolution I would eventually post it. I know the 100th isn’t that big of a deal, but it does feel like a big deal to me. Come December when I have been at this a year is when it will really feel special. I have never put so much creative effort into anything in my life. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Gaming: I haven’t since Friday or Saturday I think…I am getting the shakes. Hey Notch, give us 1.8!!! I may try to get on after I post this strip and split open a the head of a bikini-clad zombie or two.

TV/Movies: Man… Nothing.

Music: Ziltch again… I’m sorry. I should listen to more music at work but I generally listen to podcasts or audio books.

Life: I am excited to get Gears 3 next week. I didn’t think I would be this excited. To be honest I am not all that jazzed about the multiplayer, but the co-op campaign has me really amped. This should probably have gone in the gaming section. Very soon I may be able to give you a full review of a new Wacom product… I will keep you posted.

Happy Wednesday!