The Strip: Ok, I think I got it out of my system…no more Skyrim comics. I reserve the right to be a liar. This strip…I wish I could say I had fun drawing, I didn’t. That isn’t to say I am not prod of it. I think its actually some of my better work. I just felt a lot of pressure with this one for some reason. Hope you like it.

Gaming: If I said Skyrim would you throw a shoe at me?

TV/Movies: A little bit of Shameless with the wife getting ready for the new season to start. We didn’t watch today, we watched earlier in the week, but If I didn’t tell you about that I would have anything to tell you.

Music: Went back to listening to The Paper Chase again…why do I do this to myself.

Life: Ah and friday is upon us after a long week (plus) off. Seems like this Friday is kind of being a dick. Kind of mocking actually. Other than that…nothing to report really.