This comic may seem like I’m not impressed and not excited by the Xbox One. The opposite is true as it looks exactly like what I would expect the next generation of my beloved console would be. More power, more…um poly-thingies, more complete and intuitive user experience (not to mention a great platform for letting people watch you masturbate in hi-def.) The thing is, I really didn’t see any innovation proper and it seemed to be the idea on which they revealed the system. Now, there isn’t ben anything really wrong with that either, I just found it funny. Especially the Call Of Duty: Ghosts section. It was an impressive tech demo if, in fact, the game does look that good. If past releases are indication, it will not. They did say that having customizable characters and interactive, dynamic environments was also “innovative.” We all know that stuff has been around for quite a while now. I am actually very interested in seeing how the original Halo tv series is handled. If anything that and perhaps the fantasy league stuff could be the only things that are even sort of “innovations. Overall I thought it was a great reveal and I will be in line for mine of day one.

Happy Wednesday,