I have two things to say…A) follow me on Twitter and 2) Also follow me on Twitter.

Whew…I struggled something’ fierce with this strip and I know what you’re thinking, got it was worth it. I mean, this is a masterwork of a jerking off joke. Please, quite down now, I have to finish this blog,  hold your applause and rose/panty throwing until the end.

Really though Microsoft..you own Internet Explorer and even the Wii can surf the web <slowly shakes head in disgust> though I must admit I can’t give less of a shit about surfing the web with Kinect or any apparatus attached to my xbox.

People, I have a problem…Magic The Gathering consumes almost every one of my thoughts these days. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know, turn out the lights, and I’ll glow. Amazon is kindly delivering to me little plastic cases to cover all of my cards with…and I am legitimately excited about this. Insert “you might be a nerd if” joke.

If there were another thing that I think about often these days, it’d be gold. This is the first year of my life that I have actually felt like I am improving. It’s a strange and wondrous feeling.

Well off to bed. I hope Friday pulls you into a closet and touches you on your pink parts.