So tis isn’t actually how the IT department is at my work, as I am an esteemed member of said department. We do not operate under an iron hand of fear, though sometimes, I think we should. I have seen the ugly side of an IT department drunk of power with no regulation. It is an awful, and beautiful thing.

The wife and I watched Sucker Punch tonight. It was…good, in so many ways, but could have been amazing if they would have been more efficient with the fight choreography, especially in the WWI part. The dialogue was terrible, I mean just terrible. there was nothing to it, at all. The babydoll character made my pants tight.

So it finally happened, pistons arrived. So far it is really cool, but god, can we get a little slime here Notch. That shit is hard to come by, and I am going to share my limited resources with my server so that everyone can have some sticky pistons. W are purists on my server, no resources that havent been mined by hand. Anyway, I hope to dig into all that is pistondom this weekend.

Goodnight all.