First and foremost allow me to thank everyone who voted to get Legacy Control into Kotaku’s Sunday Comics. Its a really big deal to me and means a lot.

The Strip: I was taken by surprise by how much genuine loss I felt having heard about Steve’s passing. It really hurt me…deep like. I cried a little. But I am tough so I cried coal and fishhooks. At any rate, you cant deny the impact this man had.

Also thanks for the strip idea Brian! And a special thanks to you sire, for everything! Go check him out over at Cheeseburger Apocalypse.

Gaming: My lovely wife attempted to purchase for me the game known as Rage on the way home today. I do want to play it despite the tepid reviews I have read, and who am I to deny my wife when she want to buy me a videogame. Problem is she failed…I love her anyway though. I will try to pick it up this weekend. It will be a challenge to rip myself away from Dead Island… it’s just so much damn fun playing co-op. I also still need to finish Gears 3… Dang!

TV/Movies: Jersey Shore tonight so m wife is going to watch that, and I am going to smash one of my balls with a hammer.

Music: The Paper Chase AGAIN!!! Its perfect Halloween music. Check out God Bless your Black Heart.

Life: Outside of being a little upset about Steve’s passing, and dealing with the stress of trying to evict diseased Orcs from our rental property, there has been one overarching stresser over the last week. Yep, you guessed it, the Kotaku contest. Well as you may know by now, we won, and Legacy Control will be featured every Sunday on Kotaku. I really didn’t expect to win, honestly. I was so shocked when I got the email. All the other strips were so good. I only won by about 22 votes so every little bit helped. Needless to say this is a really big deal for me. To be counted among my idols is so rad. This experience will definitely help me develop thick skin:) Thanks again to everyone who voted. Also, do yourself a favor and go check out all of these great webcomics:

Thank you all so much!