The strip: A thing like this has happened before, go here to check it out Memorial Dude. Anyway, this strip was a lot of fun to draw. I think Rabs looks so cute in his little rabbit raincoat. I will find a way to draw him in it more often.

Gaming: I went back an played a bit more Bastion this weekend. Tried out some more zombie killing fun from the Rezurection Map Pack. The classic maps are great, but i wish they would have tweaked them even more than they did, and perhaps I am just ignorant, but there should be a pack-o-punch on all of them. the Moon map is really cool, but extremely large. I have only played it with one other player, and we did not get very far. I would love to hear some of your tips and tricks for this map. I find my self really wanting to play Minecraft, but feel even more compelled NOT to play until the adventure update comes out.

TV/Movies: We of course watched True Blood tonight.Pretty good episode, but it only took all season to get here. Lock it up True Blood. We also watched Your Highness, and it had its funny moments, but we all knew there was one reason and one reason only that I wanted to watch that movie. Yep, Natalie Portman in a medieval g-string. It was rad. There is also no shortage of boobies in the film, so if your into that, you should check it out.*

*All boobies appear in primarily one part, but there is a surplus.

Life: I have extended my 3 day weekend to a six day weekend with the help of some almost forgotten vacation days. I will be catching up on a lot of Legacy Control stuff and hopefully some house stuff. This is of course contingent upon the assumption that I will have quelled the zombie outbreak on some tropical island (so excited).

Have a fantastic Labor day and be safe.