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I maintained the attitude of “Nintendo please” as long as I could…but darn them, they put out some compelling stuff. From a zombie game to a 360 controller…it looks like they are getting back on track. I will say as of right now…I’m tentatively excited.

They word on the street was this is considered a “ho-hum” E3, but I must say I think this E3 has more original IP’s that I am genuinely excited about, then possibly any recent year I can recall. The Last of Us, Hawken, Dishonored, Watch Dogs and some crazy game called Super Mario…oh whoops how’d that get in there?

Almost all the games I spent the time to view looked extremely polished graphically. I was more than impressed with the usual fare as well. This time around I really felt like these were games for gamers…as cliche as that sounds.

If I had to say a game that I am most anticipating, right now, its Hawken. An action packed mech fps. If you didn’t get a chance to check out the vids on this little diamond, do yourself a favor and do so now. The beta starts on 12/12/12 and you can sign up now with the following link


It’s Friday…praise the gods its Friday.