Social networking…ENGAGE!

If you haven’t seen the E3 trailer for the game The Last of Us by Naughty Dog, you should. It like Uncharted with disturbing violence. They really seem to have captured that sense of terror trying to survive waves of people that want to do you harm.

I got Magic 2013 for the iPad and I love it. I beat the game and moved on the the “Revenge” battles. Now I’ve been on the same battle for 2 days and can’t beat this one planes walker fuck. I am using the EXACT SAME DECK HE IS and he still seems to have the answer to every card I have. So after this shellacking, my pal John came over last night and beat the shit out of my decks for like 8 straight rounds (this includes my main wolf deck). I won only one stupid little game. I am frustrated. Well, I received an amazon gift card for fathers day and immediately went online to bolster my deck(s). I would like to reiterate…that I may have a problem.

Have Monday all day.