The strip: The strip took a long time, but it was a lot of fun to draw. I hope you all like it.

Gaming: The quest continues for the elusive NPC villiage. I did, however, find a totally rad swamp biome. A friend just got Dead Island, so I will finally be able to play some co-op. Haven’t progressed any further on Gears, but I intend to play tonight after I post the strip. Starting to get really excited for Battlefield 3. Not long now… not long.

TV/Movies: Little Fockers. Ok, why didn’t anyone tell me that Jessica Alba was running around in a bra and panties in this movie?! Holy McHottness!

Music: Does the intermission music on NPR count?

Life: Now that my daughter is over her Bronchitis, my little guy seems to have a case of Croup. Having sick kids is the worst. Poor little jerks. Wish I could take their illness for them. Like Kevin Bacon in First Class, except with sickness.

Happy Monday, I suppose.