Sorry the strip is a little late today, I had some “issues.” I feel though that the extra time yielded a nice looking strip.

Ok this is a tale of what almost was. It was actually me, and not NiCad who almost sprayed his face. We both went to a local gun shop to purchase some Mace, and the one I purchases had a, not so clearly marked, practice container filled with water. You know, to get the feel of the less lethal weapons range.

While in the parking lot of the store, my brother urged me to spray my face with the practice water container. I cant properly convey how close I was to spraying my face. I dont know what made me stop and take a second look at the “practice” container, but it was the actual Mace.

The “shopkeep” had already been eying the two of us as though we were “city slickers.” We, of course, wrote him off as a bumpkin. If only he knew that we were one small twitch away from running back into the store our contorted faces attempting to convey what we had just done.

Out for now.