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I would drove to tell you this really happened…well actually, thats exactly what I’m going to tell you. It happened. It was wasn’t a peanut though…it was money…and it wash,t my hard boner, it was my hand. I actually just handed my doctor money. But this way is way more interesting.

I have no medical training so I can’t be sure but I think my thumb bone is exposed. Don’t fret, I didn’t cut it or anything, its from friction. Friction from running the thickest of digits across a directional button over and over a gain. Why you may ask? My answer is simple. Skullgirls.

I also got some good MtGTCG in Friday, and had a little too much alcohol. I can’t help but think that fact contributed to the loss of the final game. I had one opponent put away and the other on the ropes. I failed to read one card…and it cost me the game. It was fun:)

We can only hope that Monday suffers the same torment it issues.