The Strip: Let me stop you right there. I do not have a problem with golf, as a matter of fact, I love golf. I am just too poor to play anymore. What I do have a problem with is people who play games as a hobby, look down their nose at those of us whose hobbies are gaming (be that on a computer, on a table top, with cards, or on a videogame system). Now this conversation did happen at my work … sort of. It fell way short of this, and the character is an amalgam of people. The guy who I had this conversation with was more messing with me, but I wanted to address all the looks and head shakes when people find out that I am taking a vacation day when a game I want comes out.

Gaming: Guess … yep, BF3 y’all. I don’t want to dig into it too much, as I am going to do a strip about the it  for Friday, in all likelihood. Let me say this, It’s fantastic. I think I am falling in love.

[Edit] Had to quit playing for the second time today because it seems EA’s servers crashed. Houston…we have a problem. This never happened day one on any C.O.D. games…thats all I’m sayin’.

Music: Same as Monday I’m afraid.

TV/Movies: I just friggin love this time of year. Every show is about Halloween. I cant get enough of it. Even shows I don’t like.

Life: Had a fantastic day off today. Played BF3 for the majority of it (jumping back on after I post), and then had a nice dinner with the fam. I love these days so.

Happy Wednesday,