It’s a barrel people! Seriously, Google it, I’m not joking.

As an E3 wrap up, here are the games that I’m most interested in:

Titianfall – Respawn, nuf said.
Sunset Overdrive – Looks like mayhem, beautiful mayhem.
Dead Rising 3 _ Sooo many Zombies!
MGS: The Phantom Pain – Huh, Just a horse? Open World Snake.
Quantum Break – Bullet Time, the game (I love bullet time.)
Watch Dogs – So much to love about this one “HACK THE PLANET!”
The Last of Us – The internet seems to think this is the best game ever…EVER!
Destiny – Halo of Duty, in a good way.
The Order – 18th century steamy punk goodness.
Killer Instinct Looks nothing like the Killer Instinct we know and thats a good thing.
Transistor – Makers of Bastion…I’m in.
Dying Light – From my Dead Island boys…oh and yeah, zombies.
Loco Cycle – Guy gets dragged by his sentient cycle…sounds perfect.
The Division – Tom Clancy game, the voice acting alone was enough to make me want to play.
Wolfenstein: The New Order – From the guys who made The Darkness and Riddick.
X – This could possibly make me want to buy a WiiU.
DuckTales Remastered – Single nostalgia tear.
Beyond Two Souls – I can’t tell if this game is live action?

Feel free to yell at me if I’ve forgotten (Or just didn’t see) any that you think I should’ve added:)

Happy Friday,