Listen you hate things as much as me? Well stop on by the Legacy Control Facebook fan page and share your hates.

We’ve all been there…a late night of drinking, perhaps you’ve been on some medication, or you’re going through some tough mental stuff then all of a sudden you put a 1/1 nothing on the battlefield. Sometimes you will hear snickering, but if your with the right opponent, they will understand.

As I have mentioned before I have beaten the shit out of the campaign mode on Magic 2013 (iPad). Well I have now ravaged the “revenge mode” and will be moving on the the remainder of the …modes. I think it plays well on the ipad though sometimes I must admit trying to drag an assigned blocker back to untapped position can be frustratingly difficult to do.

On this fine Friday evening I will be playing a friendly MtG tournament with friends and I am a little more than excited..I’m EXTCRITED (this word is copywriten by Javis Ray).

Have yourself a merry little Friday.