Ok, I said I would do it, and here it is. I would like to believe, that if the wizarding world of Harry potter were real, they would have an interest in playing Magic the Gathering. I would also like to believe that Harry Potters gamer tag would be “BoyWhoLived420.”

The wife and I have not actually seen the newest film yet, and I know, we call ourselves Potter fans and we haven’t seen the newest, and final film? We want to see it but we are really super fans of the books, and moderate to casual fans of the films. At least any past the first two. We all know the real Dumbledore died after the making of the second film. Richard Harris is and always will be, Dumbledore. The actor who plays Dumbledore now, Michael Gambon, is a great actor, just not great in the role. Dumbledore, never lost his shit, always seemed to know whats going on, and was the strength, and had his quite power. You truly felt he was the only force that held Voldemort at bay. The most powerful gay wizard would not have grabbed Harry by his shoulder, and shook him to get the truth about the goblet of fire. He would not have, in a fit of frustration, raised hos voice to the students, asking “dont you have work to do?” I mean, there was a clear choice to replace the headmaster…yep you guessed it, Gandalf (or Magneto, depending on where your geek loyalties lie).

Ian McKellen is already adept at playing a wizard, he is knighted, has that quite calm and reserve, while conveying the unspoken power that Dumbledore did. And, hellooooo he is gay just like the D-man. I really don’t know if he was on the table, I haven’t trolled the fan forums enough, but he damn well should have been.

I did finally watch X-men first class. You may already know tis from my tweets. I liked it, and have not stopped thinking about it. I could watch 2 more full movies of the origins of Professor X, and Magneto. Some of the other mutants were…well, just dumb. It was, overall, a lot of fun to watch.

I had a lot of fun this weekend with friends. I checked out this arcade near m house, where you can pay $10 and play until your geeky heart content. I fell in love, the place is big, in a great location, and chicks in cosplay give you head in the bathroom. Well not that last part, but I put a note in the suggestion box. I plan to go back frequently. If you live in Cincinnati, you should definitely check out Arcade Legacy (http://arcadelegacy.wordpress.com/). I will most likely talk about it a bunch more.

Thanks all, later.