The Strip: This comic was inspired Nick K. as Randy. Best costume of the season by far. Nick dropped character only once all night and it was to say how much he despised Ke$ha.

Gaming: I have been playing BF3 at every opportunity. I love it so. I think I am starting to get the hang of it (not the flying part). I was fortunate enough to be invited out to indiePub Games. A (the) independent Game publisher in my home town of Cincinnati. If you are into amazing indie  games, and/or an indie game developer, you need to go check out the site.

They were nice enough to take me out for lunch and let me get a peek inside the studio…oh yeah and play some of their awesome games! I played four games and some of them I fell in love with immediately. I will acquire them when they become available. They gave me some others to review and I will give them and play them shortly, and I will give a deeper review of the games I played when the embargo’s allow it. It was a great day, and want to say a genuine thank you to Mary and PJ!

Oh, I also got to meet Shipwreck (very awkwardly, as I am a very awkward person) in the parking lot as he was on his way in for a  review session with the games. Nice to meet you Ship!

TV/Movies: Watched a bit of the original Night of the Living Dead at a great Halloween party I went to Saturday night…god I love that movie. Just cannot wait until The Walking Dead tonight. Also, i just keep hearing that I MUST watch American Horror Story. Is that sentiment echoed by you Legacy Control visitors?

Music: I danced my bootay off to various club hits, but probably had the most fun dancing to The Lonely Island crew.

Life: I had two awesome Halloween parties this weekend and want to give a shout out to their respective host/hostesses: Joey, Julian, Sav and Lauren. Probably the most fun I have had in a really long time. Great weekend! My costume was one hallowed in the halls of geekdom. I think it turned out really well. I will post pics as soon as I can figure out how:( Or you can find Legacy Control on Facebook like the page and see the shots there.

I didn’t get to see the UFC as I was at a party drinking and dancing, but wanted to say how sad I am to see BJ Penn retire. He has been my favorite MMA fighter for years and years. He was my inspiration to train and compete myself, and early on, his website was a great resources for techniques and drills. He is truly one of the greatest fighters in history.

Alas the week begins anew, and I am wracked with the sunday night depression. Gotta fix this.

Have a Happy Halloween!