Hey all, just a quick update. Legacy Control is nominated in a [NSFW] comic Tourney. If you have a moment pop on over and vote for Legacy Control!

 Comic Mix [NSFW] Tournament!

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I did actually end up getting this game today…and damn it…they are right. It IS good. Its very much a old ResEv style survival horror controlled game. What it ramps up is the drama and emotion. I am loving it so far, and I opted to play it on my Mac since it was available. It’s a little strange that when you go to the “controls options screen” you see a 360 controller…and not key commands. Oh well, perhaps I will figure it out.

Had a glorious man/geek day with my pal Chris Bergman the other day. We started it off with some golf, consumed some Skyline Chili and ended the day with some beers and Magic the Gathering. Chris kicked my fucking ass. Real hard. Though I do feel I would’ve fared better if I didn’t get Mana-screwed one turn. I plan on assembling a deck that will make his deck burst into flames…literally.

So I’ve been playing Skullgirls with the wife. This surprises me as much as it surprises you. She is actually pretty good…with my help…she could be the best. Also tried out the iOS version of Marvel vs Capcom 2. If you are a fan of the game in any of its console iterations, I suggest you steer clear of this one. Its a cute and cuddly version of the game with touch controls. If you are a fan of this game I I don’t really need to go into any more depth on why not to get it. It’s actually likely you didn’t consider it in the first place…I’ll just be over here shutting up. I may have mentioned this but it appears betting Windows 7 on my Macbook will be a bit more difficult than I originally anticipated. I know not when I will have time to do it. I am not sure it will happen….TRIBES…NOOOOOO! <single tear>

Listen…I love Game of Thrones. Love it. But so far this season is a snooze fest. I know we have a lot of buildup going on here, but this season is half over folks. I have scheduled a day off to go see the Avengers in the morning of May the 4th with my pals Joey and Julian. A husband and wife power team that fight crime in their spare time. So this film with carry special meaning with them.

I am ready to take the next big steps with the comic. (Merch, a book, conventions, explore more/different advertising revenue, possible a donation button with donation rewards: how would you all feel about something like that?). All of you other creators have been here or are going to be here soon as well. Its a scary time. It’s the time that you are starting to put the pieces into place that will hopefully allow us to one day draw our comics as a full time job. It’s both extremely exciting and very terrifying. Anyone who is already a pro, on the verge of pro or still wrestling with the beginging years of your strip like me, please share your advice/experiences.

May your Friday be twenty four hours,