Now, I’ve been known to spout angry words about humans in general. You know, that we are a vile species and all. Well, lately I’ve softened my view on at least one facet of our menagerie of shortcomings, which is our materialism (and by extension, money.)

As of late, being knee deep in the season of consumerism, I started to think back to the gneiss of our obsession with things. It’s pretty easy to chalk it up to greed but I think we are trained to accumulate objects. Back when man first shed his fur (I manscape, so I count) and began to walk upright we have faced a daunting requisite. We need things to survive.

Yes, we humans can’t survive without food and shelter. We, in turn, can’t survive without tools to acquire food and shelter. Quite simply, the more things we had, the easier it was to survive. I really think that we are hard-wired to accumulate things on an instinctual, survival level. I’m accumulating things as we speak. More things to shove into the empty spaces of my big thing that holds all of my little things.

So you may be asking yourself A. “Mr. Javis, are you saying that we should unabashedly procure things as we see fit?” and/or B. “Javis, you’re dumb and I shouldn’t put any stock into what you’re writing.”

Yes on both counts my friends! Buy, buy and buy some more until you have to buy a bigger thing to put your other things into. That said, make sure the things you buy aren’t ALL frivolous. Opt for books over designer sun glasses. Choose items that you can pas on to your kids that could help them to buy more things. Most importantly, buy things that make you and others happy, healthy and safe.

Now, I’m off to play my Xbox One, rendering this diatribe null! MUAHHAHAHAHAHAAH!

P.S. I like drawing hand bras.