“Imaginary friend” characters are probably my favorite trope. So when Javis gave me the opportunity to do a guest strip for him, a chance to play with Rabs, I couldn’t say no. Now, I’m notย sureย that Rabs is imaginary. As Monday’s TWXXD guest strip posited perhaps Rabs is actually a sentient toy (like Woody from Toy Story). Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t asked Javis about this, but I’m not sure I want to. I like to think of Rabs much the same way I imagine Hobbes from Bill Watterson’s strip, a beloved toy brought to life in the mind of a very creative child. With Legacy Control we’ve got Rabs brought to life by Aggro and NiCad, and we all know those two aren’t exactly right in the head. I think what we end up with is something like a cross between Hobbes, Tyler Durden, and Frank from Donnie Darko. Cute, crafty, and creepy.

Thanks for letting us play with your rabbit, Javis.

– Chase,ย mudcountyrodeo.com