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The Strip: I know I am probably going to catch a lot of crap about this strip…and I accept it. I am just not a fan of Mass Effect. I played a little (very little) of the first one, and got bored pretty quick. I respect everything about it, and understand why people like it…its just not for me…at all. I played the demo, and tried some multiplayer. Does anyone like this? I just be over here by myself not liking ME3.

Gaming: ME3 demo…and thats all.

TV/Movies: The wife watches jersey shore. So I stay downstairs while that happens.

Music: Y La Bamba…. hard to describe, just go check them out.

Life: Whew…a lot on my mind, but I am going to refrain from telling you everything until next week. In comic form. I think.

Friday…I missed you.