Sorry the post is a little late today. Its a holiday, so its likely that no one will even look at it today, but I figured, “the show must go on!” Nothing like this actually happened, but my Nicad has been known to vomit…a lot, from drinking…

I attended my first toga party last night. It was fun, but I would have had more fun if we would have had a sitter overnight, but the wife and I had to leave by 10:30 and anyone who knows anything about toga parties knows that the real interesting stuff doesn’t start happening until 10:35 or so. I had some great gaming convo’s with friends, got some really nice compliments on the strip, and watched some professional grad flip cup competition. At one pint the party host high fived the ceiling fan after a well played round.

There was a very interesting showing of “Togas” at this party. Mine was a women’s bathrobe. others included, a karate Gi that was about 3 sizes too small, a sheet with dinosaurs on it (that didn’t leave enough to the imagination), and basically just bras (sans toga all together).

As far as gaming this weekend, I have played one half of one round of ascension on Black Ops. Not much to report.

Ok, Happy Memorial Day weekend all, be safe.