The Strip: I just really want this. I have oft sat and tried to unleash my inner Jedi, and my thoughts always turn to who I could use these powers for sexy time stuff. Lifting dresses, mind squeezing boobs, and of course plain’ with my own stuff…all day. I wonder if brain hands chafe as well?

Gaming: So other than Skyrim, I have been playing a couple of other games that I purchased with the much coveted GameStop gift cards I am showered with every year (I do truly love them). I acquired UFC personal trainer…my arms hurt…nuff said. I also got the new Rayman game. Its so so much fun. I am instantly transported to my adolescence. I feel the acne coming in all over my body. I will talk more about these when I get a little deeper into them.

TV/Movies: What not to wear with the wife…I don’t want to talk about it, and we are knee deep in watching Riding Hood. Or Little Red…or whatever this crap movie is called. Amazing set design…and that is where the amazing ends for this film.

Music: Ok, I forgot the soundtrack Red Riding Hood is pretty good, probably gonna pick that up with an iTunes gift card my brohan got us. Thanks NiCad.

Life: Whew! Christmas was a whirlwind. I am glad to have a couple of days to focus on the strip and try to get ahead again. This year, more than others for some reason, I am realizing how lucky I am and what a great family I have. Please excuse my mush.

P.S. This whole Penny Arcade vs the random bro who thought he was going to bully some poor kid…the gods smiled upon the internet on this fine day:)

Have a great Wednesday.