A man once asked me, “Whats your twitter handle?”, to which I replied “@LegacyControl“, and then he writhed with erotic fervor. True story.

So, as I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve been playing State of Decay. The latest entry into the world of post zombie apocalyptic mayhem. As I said before this game is essentially and older version of Grand Theft Auto, with zombies. You spend most of your time running over hordes with a nearest vehicle, then the rest of the time managing your annoying ass survival community.

That is what this comic is referencing. You’ll be out hunting an armored zombie, or collecting supplies for the rest of the group and you’ll get a call over the radio to come home and deal with one of your annoying comrades. I don’t mean “deal with them” like I did in the strip, you just have to take them out and kill a few zombies with them and talk em’ off the ledge. Keeping the squeaky wheels greased is necessary as you buy ammo and new based with points you’ve earned keeping your community’s morale high. Maybe as the game progresses there is an easier, less annoying way to deal with this. As of right now, I wish they would’ve allowed for you to assign other group members from your survivor menu to deal with the issue. This could’ve have provided an interesting point system and strategy element to the game. Susie is friends with Richard so she needs to talk to him but she is asleep so who is the next best choice. It would force you to get to know your community. Just a thought.

It seems like Undead Labs really did try to do some innovative things with a somewhat stale genre but ended up adding frustration, not fun. Undead Labs said that they have another MMO based on the same system as State of Decay, coming out later, which will use a lot of what they learned with this game. I can only hope that make the necessary tweaks to make the next installment what the first could’ve been. I’m pulling for these guys.

Happy Monday,