The Strip: Have any of you ever drawn a picture that you want to have sex with? Ha yeah, me either…

Gaming: So yeah, you guessed it, Adventure Update for Minecraft came out. So I have only got about 3 hours in so far and there are some likes and dislikes.

Sprinting, charging arrows, and the parry: I love sprinting, how your field of view widens a bit, makes you feel fast! I also really enjoy charging up the arrows. It only takes two shots to kill an angry skeleton now. I have yet to parry with a foe, or punch a foe while sprinting. I plan to remedy this as soon as I can.

New biomes/featurs: Nothing to report here, as I haven’t found a any yet. I REALLY want to find a swamp biome.

NPC village: Again, haven’t found one yet, it is my number one goal since the udpate.

New crafts/material: I have crafted teh new windows and love how they look. I have also crafted the new gate fence and think it works well and looks nice. I will craft some metal bars as soon as I can. I also have my hands on some ender orbs.

Mobs: I think the Endermen are so creepy and great. The jerks will move the shit out of your shit, so moats are on order for all structures you want kept safe. I haven’t run into any silverfish yet. I like how the other friendly mods all drop meat now.

Other new “features”: I do not totally understand how leveling or experience works yet, so I cant comment. The new food system, I am on the fence about. As of right now it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, especially since all food (except mushroom bowls) are now stackable. I just dont understand what this adds to the game?

I will give further details on a deeper dive.

Music: I cant get that song in the commercial that the hamsters are dancing to.

TV/Movies: My wife is on another home improvement/house buying show kick. I wish she was not, because it definitely means some work is in my future.

Happy Friday!