This July Fourth holiday, my brother and I regressed to dangerous time. I time when the lure of exploding tiny sticks of dynamite as close to one another as possible was to much to resist. This year, we both came out unscathed for the most part, but it wasn’t because we were not trying. A few minor burns is all we had to show for our drunken firework show.

One of my fondest memories was when my brother and some friends of ours decided to have a “Firework War.” We fashioned bottle rocket shoulder mounted launchers, each fitted with a trigger made from a lighter and blast shield. The sound that the bottle rockets made while leaving the chamber was perfect. Thonk! We had black cats and m-80′s as our hand grenades. We, fortunately, had the sense to wear safety glasses (sunglasses). It was 3 to 4 amazing hours of running around and shooting fire at one another. I am not sure but I think the whole ordeal dissolved into lighting sticks on fire and hitting each other with them. Its a little foggy. War does strange things to a man.

Well episode two of the fourth season of True Blood has come and gone, and I am still pleased with how this season is going thus far. Game of Thrones has taken the edge of of my ravenous desire to take up residence in Bon Temps. This might change as the season progresses.

Minecraft update. Some of my friends on our server have begun construction on a replica of Winterfell. A name which our sever now shares. I made the long trek west to see it first hand, and it is going to be amazing when its finished. I spend most of m time searching for slime at this point.

Sorry the strip posted a little late today. It a holiday so I doubt anyone was up early to check the strip anyway. Enjoy the holiday weekend, and be safe.