Some people say my tweets have increased erection strength and rigidity. So to take advantage and follow me on Twitter.

For only the second time this season I have been assaulted by tree and flower cum shots. The other day, I could see it hanging in the air…everywhere. I foolishly went outside to wallow in natures seed. It was a mistake.

The temptation to purchase the 36o version of Minecraft is terrible…awful even. The situation wasn’t helped by my comic pal Rickard, batting at my tender Minecraft soft spot with his forked tongue. I will resist the urge though…I think…probably.

Was introduced to some great new music today by my pal Corey. Alex Clark of the car commercial…you’ll know it when you hear it. So far I love the whole album. I would suggest listening to the music first, THEN and only then going to look up a picture of the artist. Not what I expected.

Ok people…I need some t-shirts ideas to engorge my forthcoming shop with. Any ideas/requests? Please click on the “shop” section of the site and let me know what you are wanting.

I hope you don’t receive any plant bukkake Wednesday…or do I?