The Strip: What happens when you combine Skyrim and Minecraft in a comic? I dunno, we shall see. So it may not be evident right away, but the creeper in the third panel…I took special care to draw its udders. It just seems all the dogs you see tied up in yards on the “saw the animal” commercials, have elongated mauled teets. What the hell are those neglecters doing to them?

Gaming: Dance Central 2 and Skyrim. I best take care not to cross the streams or I could cause some sort of temporal rift.

TV/Movies: Currently watching Home Alone….love this movie.

Music: My friend Corey introduced me to some great hip hop. Das Racist, I highly suggest you check it out. Its very unique, and it isn’t your standard “get dollas'” crap.

Life: So there is a company Christmas thing tomorrow at my job, and one “event” is to decorate your cube. SOme people went all the fuck out, and some are very impressive. I may take some pics to post later. I generally don’t subscribe to “company stuff”, but creativity well executed is worth praise.

Happy Friday!